Privacy by design and by default App BPCOMEDIA

BPCOMEDIA has been designed and constructed in accordance with EU Regulation 679/2016 and with the provisions of Italian law relating to the processing of personal data. BPCOMEDIA therefore complies with the general principles on the processing of personal data.

BPCOMEDIA is a platform located on the cloud of Microsoft Azure.

The following security measures have been adopted and implemented in BPCOMEDIA:

  • encryption of the personal data stored by BPCOMEDIA;
  • strong two-factors authentication for the registration in BPCOMEDIA and for accessing the app each time the session has expired;
  • users’ passwords stored in a “hashed” form;
  • use of cryptographic protocols for the access to BPCOMEDIA through the internet;
  • possibility to disable BPCOMEDIA through the web platform, in the event of a loss of the devices in which the app is installed;
  • two-factors authentication required also when suspicious activities are detected or the user logs in from a new location;
  • record of log files for all types of access to data (view, modification, deletion);
  • deletion of log files after 180 (one-hundred-eighty) days;
  • daily back-up of the entire data base.