“Telemonitoring System for Early Diagnosis of COPD Exacerbations”


Campus Bio-medico Hospital of Rome, ATS Sardegna

Primary aims: The personalised management of patients with COPD would obviously reduce costs of admissions and improve quality of life. This type of management could benefit from Information and Communication Technology support, which can offer patients telemonitoring without the need for repeated hospital visits and improve the effectiveness of healthcare services. Owing to the high frequency of flare-ups and their often atypical clinical presentation in elderly patients, the availability of a telemonitoring system that can provide continual monitoring and early intervention if needed is particularly desirable. The aim of this study is to apply an innovative telemonitoring system for patients with COPD.

“Remote multiparametric telemonitoring for the management of chronic illnesses in the elderly”

Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital of Rome

Primary aims: to evaluate the global effect of telemonitoring on the rate of hospitalisations for flare-ups of the underlying disease and to identify the changes in parameters which more frequently precede flare-ups.