I cannot access the pulse oximeter

Check that you have correctly inserted the batteries and that they are charged. Replace if necessary.

The application does not detect the pulse oximeter

Check that geolocation is active or activate it manually from the drop-down menu on your phone.

Wireless devices such as PCs, modems, etc. can cause interference during connection with the BPCO Media app. Move away from such devices and try again.

I have enabled geolocation and there are no wi-fi devices in the vicinity, but the pulse oximetry is not recognised

The cache memory of your Bluetooth device could be full and need clearing. In your phone’s settings, under applications, find the option for managing Bluetooth to be able to access it and clear the cache memory. To be able to see it, you need to enable system apps from the settings-applications menu. For further details, consult the manufacturer of your mobile.

The BPCO Media app system voice is in a foreign language

Check that the phone or the voice assistant is set to Italian.

In your phone’s settings, find the option “Language and output”, select “output and voice synthesis” and set the language to Italian. For further information, consult the manufacturer of your phone.

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