About Us

BPCO Media began as a spin-off from Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome following a research project and is based on telemedicine and medical diagnostics research.

The primary therapeutic area that the multidisciplinary team has focused on is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

BPCO Media has developed an innovative device that is easy for patients with COPD to use. By monitoring parameters such as oxygen saturation in blood and heart rate, it can PREDICT AND MANAGE exacerbations of the disease.

Patients are not always able to perceive symptoms in time which can lead to a exacerbation and often to a hospital admission; using an algorithm based on artificial intelligence, the device PREDICTS and MANAGES the disease INTELLIGENTLY.

Management means acting preventively and in time, also with the support of the patient’s doctor, and avoiding a exacerbation and possible hospital admission.


Dr Giuseppe Capasso
Dr Giuseppe CapassoFounder CEO
Dr. Thomas Bianchi
Dr. Thomas BianchiCCO (interim) & Advisor
Prof. Raffaele A. Incalzi
Prof. Raffaele A. IncalziCMO, Medical Advisor
Prof. Claudio Pedone
Prof. Claudio PedoneMedical Advisor
Dr. Maurizio Secci
Dr. Maurizio SecciCFO
Prof. Paolo Soda
Prof. Paolo SodaResearch Team


Research and Development